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Why Doesn’T My Endocrinologist Know All Of This? (Article)

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Excellent link; thank you.

Another thing that most endocrinologists don't consider is nutrition. Based on the standard American diet (SAD), most people do not get adequate vitamins and minerals. But thyroid hormone formation, conversion, and utilization requires a whole host of nutrients, including iodine, selenium, copper, iron, tyrosine, etc. Many doctors are quick to prescribe thyroid hormone replacement without considering nutrition and lifestyle factors that could be tried first, often avoiding the need for lifelong medication at all.

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Wow! This article came just in time! A few months ago, my T3 tested very low, but, because my TSH and T4 were normal, the endocrinologist refused to see me. My PCP agreed that there is nothing to worry about. I just felt that this was a bit non-chalant since my mother has Hashimoto's and my sister is also treated for hypothyroid although she has not yet tested positive for the auto-antibody for Hashimoto's. My maternal grandmother had Grave's disease.

I am supposed to be seeing my PCP for a "full endocrine workup" on Monday because my rheumy wants it done, and guess what, I can't find an endo that will see me without a blood test already showing I am worthy of their time! I am going to take the link in this article "Diagnosing Hypothyroidism" to him for reading. He is pretty good about being open so I think I can get him to consider it.

Thanks for posting!

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Katybug- Let us know what happens with your doc. I'll be curious to see if he's receptive to it. I want to drop a copy of that article to my endo. I'm testing positive for auto-antibodies (anti-TPO) but endo won't do anything because my TSH is normal. But it seems like a lot of my symptoms could very well be thyroid related.

Carrie- do you have any specific info or links or articles that would address the lifestyle/diet angle? Thanks

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