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Juicing Or Raw Food Diet

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Has anyone ever tried these before? My friend is doing a juicing diet and I am thinking about doing it with her. I just want to make sure I don't dehydrate myself. Any thoughts, I am on florinef, and plan on double checking with my doc.

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Hi Lemon, I posted about juicing it really helps boost energy. Doing a juice cleanse is rough. I used to do a juice cleanse but found that also eating big raw veggie salads helped. One note of caution is that the juicing causes like that with that amount causes all the toxins in your body to run for the hills lol so its a big load of toxins on your excretory systems at once.. Sometimes people get rashes because the skin is a big organ that flushes out toxins and sometimes people get flu like symptoms. It all passes after a week or two. One thing that helped me is using a skin brush in the shower to scrub away dead skin every day. Also some people would eat tons of sprouts and 1/2 o of wheatgrass for the chlorophyll and protein... As far as salt, I think it would enhance the flavor of most juices. Tons of veggies have their own sodium like celery and they also have potassium.. There are some supplements I took along with the cleanse like B vit, enzymes, green powder, coral calcium, probiotics and some others..

I remember it helping me a lot the 1st time I got POTS back in 2006 but this time around just boosted my energy..

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I started juicing in march but it's in combo with eating the wahls diet. It gave me a ton of energy when I started

but after a few weeks started causing insomnia. I suspect my body had too much of something by then.

I've stopped taking b6 since then and that helped stop the constant insomnia but I still get it sometimes from juicing. I'm guessing I didn't need the b6 anymore but there's really know way of knowing that.

I'm still playing with this to see what I can use in it to provide energy and nutrients without insomnia. It

may be a matter of quantity too.

If you've been eating the same veggies you're juicing, I wouldn't expect any harsh reactions. I'd been on

the wahls diet for 2 months prior and paleo for four years so i didn't have any bad side effects.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. I got a kidney stone after a few weeks too and sspect it's because

I let my urine stay dark too long. I wasn't drinking enough water.

Tc .. D

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tablet, that is the documentary that motivated me! I have started with just naked and odwalla juices to see how things go, and if it works out, i am probably going to invest in a juicer.

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I watched the documentary CRAZY SEXY CANCER a while back and learned about juicing. One does not have to have cancer to be interested in this movie. It's a great documentary. Kris Carr is amazing. I think everyone on here can relate as she goes through her journey of not knowing what's wrong and being sick and trying to help herself. But it has a happy ending. Anyhow, I also bought her book Crazy Sexy Diet-not a diet but a way of life. She has some great juicing advice in there and lots of other wonderful health tips. It's a beautiful picture book too. I can't do the juicing to the extreme that she does, but I add the alpha lipoic acid to mine and I think it really has been helping my nervous system.

I do both juice and blender. I bought a used vitamix on line and also put a bid in on a juicer on ebay and got a very nice one. I love the flavor of the juicing better, but I also need the fiber with the blender, so I go back and forth. The juicer is a bit of a clean up, but worth it. I have my favorite concoction of kale, carrots, ginger, an apple or pear, (1/3 of a banana if you blend) and a dash of cinnamon. IT's so DELICIOUS. I crave it every day. It helps with inflammation and to keep me regular. :) I can't take the gastro paresis meds, and this is my healing drink. Of course it's not the cure, as some days are still not fun, but it has been a HUGE help.

I also found out the hard way that one can't start out too fast with this stuff. Someone gave me good advice, to make a nice glass of it and sip it throughout the day. I don't know why, but my stomach just couldn't handle it alone, unless it's late in the day and my blood sugar is level. I also add my alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E and it's a wonderful supplement for me.

Also, I buy the $1 jelly jars at any hardware store or walmart, and I keep my juice in there for up to 48 hours, that way it's nice and air tight. The Jelly Jars are wonderful and look pretty and green in the fridge. And I just pop them in the dishwasher after.

Happy Juicing!!


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Juicing is only as good as what you juice. Part of the cleanse is to cut out sugars. Melons like water melon are the only fruits that are great for cleansing. I dont like to mix fruit with veggies.. I do mean green drinks with tomatoes and carrots for flavor. The slower the juicer the longer the nutrients will be preserved. If you are buying anything in the store chances are it dead of vitamins and nutrients..

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