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Trouble Finding Bp?

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Does anyone else find that Doctors and/or nurses have a hard time finding your blood pressure? It happens to me all the time - they can't hear it I guess? - and have to re-pump. What could this mean in relation to our condition? Or maybe it means nothing? - not sure what's involved in manual BP taking. Always looking for clues...

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It happens to me with Drs & nurses taking my BP, as well as wrist pulse. They always joke that they know I'm alive cause I'm standing there talking to them ;) it usually happens when my BP is super low. I have hypovolemia & typically low bp.


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Had this happen when i was doing cardiac rehab. The same docs and techs who did it without a problem most of the time would suddenly have to re-check it several times some days. And they would all say the same thing, "it's so quiet I can barely hear it". When I had a really bad episode there one time, the nurse was walking me back to the exam room to lie down. He said later that he hadn't been able to feel a pulse while I was sitting or the whole time we were walking. Told the doc "I think she was a little hypotensive". Like dizzyde they usually say they know I'm alive because they can see me breathing and I'm talking to them. Never quite sure I'm making sense as I'm talking though. :rolleyes:

Pretty much gave up on my automatic cuff as it can't get my BP most of the time. Always wants to give me an error reading.

I'm guessing that just like why I have palpitations some times where my heart is literally visible beating thru my chest wall, other times it's beating so softly or weakly that it can't generate enough pressure to hear it well. LOL All part of the "screwed up ANS syndrome" that I seem to have. :unsure:

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