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Have I Always Had Pots?

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I didn't start having episodes where I needed to go the ER, was incapable of functioning, or had GI trouble until after I weaned my first daughter, but I wonder if I have had POTS "forever," or at least since I was a teenager? Here are the facts:

*When I was in 9th grade, I had bouts of unexplained tachycardia and was monitored by a cardiologist but no TTT was performed. As far as I know, no cause was found (they probably thought I had anxiety).

*I've never been able to blow up a balloon or carry on a conversation while exercising.

*When I began exercising regularly in my mid 20s, I couldn't run two blocks (I had a BMI of 23 at this time, which is overweight for my frame, but I wasn't extremely overweight or anything). I had to work up to power walking 6 miles over the course of 6 months before I could run a mile at a slow pace.

*I've always found it difficult to lift my arms over my head.

*I've always had trouble regulating my body temperature.

*When I exercise, I get super overheated (I actually don't know if this is a side effect of POTS . . .???). When I go for a jog in the winter, I find that I need much less clothing than the other joggers, and in the summer, I need tons and tons and tons of water.

*I've always needed constant access to water. My husband and I always bring water with us everywhere we go.

*I've always needed 9+ hours of sleep a night.

So what do you think? Have I always had POTS? I know you can't go back in time and diagnose me in 9th grade or anything, but I'm wondering if it sounds like this is a pre-existing condition I've always had or something that suddenly came on when I weaned my daughter.

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We've talked before about how many of us had early clues of dysautonomia, but only now recognize them as symptoms looking back. Some of us believe we've probably always had it and then something triggered the full blown disorder. I think it's hard to know for sure though.

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It's so hard to determine normal now huh? I've been questioning the same thing, I guess since I have realized that im not normal :(

I've always been heat intolerant, to the point that I wanted to vomit and/ or pass out. Roller coasters make me black out... I also had really hard pregnancies ...

I wish this is something that I've always had so at least I can fantasize that I will

Out grow it

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