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Hr Drops When Laying Down, Opposite Of Normal, Sound Like Pots?

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I have been trying for years to figure out what is wrong with me for years. I have found that I have many symptoms of POTS, but of course POTS has tons of symptoms. When I get up from lying down I do sometimes get a big increase in my HR, but most of the time its not big enough to fall under POTS criteria. However, I have noticed something odd that does sound similar to what most people here have, only in reverse. If I stand up and do something to really get my heart rate pumping nice and fast and then lay down suddenly, my heart will pause, then start beating very slowly and what feels like a bit more forcefully. It basically immediately slows down from the excited level. If I stand right back up, it goes back up.

Does this sound like POTS?

Thank you

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I could be wrong, but I thought this was what hearts are supposed to do. And this is why we're told it's best after exercise to

to slow

our hearts down while still upright by walking, then sit and then lay down.

I notice if I've been doing anything that gets my hr up, this is what I have to do.

Have you had a tilt table test ? Imho That's really the best way to define orthostatic intolerance.

You can do your own too. Tc . D ..

Ps . You may want to look at your diet for food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies. Dr terry wahls

has some great info on this.

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Thank you for your reply. Hearts do beat slower when laying down. I should have clarified my title. What I meant by it was that instead of rising up upon standing it lowers upon lying down. A fine distinction. Surely it isnt normal for someone to have exercised vigorously with a high HR and then lay down and all of a sudden their 120+ HR drops to 60 instantly, is it?

I have not tried a tilt table test. I have tried every food intolerance known to man. A full page of my story and my symptoms, if anyone is interested, can be found at: http://www.reddit.co...gure_out_whats/


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I'm positive for pots so I never looked at this ..

But out of curiosity

I googled "why does heart rate drop after exercise" and found some good info. It looks like a normal drop

within two minutes but I only saw a 10 - 20 pt drop mentioned within the first minute.

Hope someone else knows for sure .. Tc .. D

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POTS is an increase of 30 bpm or more upon standing. The increase doesn't have to happen right away, but there does have to be an increase upon standing. Exercising and then stopping/lying down does not seem to me to be a relevant indicator, but the best way to know is see a dr and get a tilt table test. There are also other forms of dysautonomia. You can read about them on the main POTS page.

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