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On Memorial Day: Heroes

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Hi, everyone.

Firstly, Happy Memorial Day, the day of the year we celebrate and remember all of those who have worked so hard to keep us safe and free. Their sacrifices and dedication should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

Now, what I want to say to each of you is, yes, we have military heroes that we celebrate each Memorial Day. Many of you may be related to one. If so, you must be so proud and please, thank them for us.

But, I want to tell you, too, that during the course of chronic illness, I've come to firmly believe that the real heroes in life, besides those who give their lives for us, are those with chronic illness, those who, every day, no matter the odds, no matter the pain, no matter the hopelessness for a cure, get out of bed and try again.

I don't believe someone should be a hero simply because he or she is an actor or a professional athlete. I do believe those of you who live in spite of pain, work in spite of great illness, socialize in spite of great distress, love in spite of emotional and physical limitations, are the real heroes.

I was reading the thread here on how we all feel in the mornings, and my friends, what you all go through each morning, each day, each evening, each night, and continue on, accepting your plight and trying to make the best of it, makes me proud to know you and makes me say that I know real heroes.

What's that saying? Courage does not roar. It is that still, soft voice that whispers, "I'll try again tomorrow." That's all of you, and I'm so very proud to know all of you.

Thinking of you on the Memorial Day.


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Thank you for those kind words...chronic illness is unexplainable until you have it. I now feel badly when I think about people throughout my life that struggled with illness and I didn't realize just how hard that was.

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Thank you both for your replies.

Kayla, it's so nice to talk with you. I'm so sorry you are so young to have to deal with something like POTS, but you are very brave, too.

Angelloz, I don't think any of us truly understand what others go through, ever, until we have to deal with what they do. And, even then, it's not the exact same thing, but we can come pretty close, at least, to empathize. It's great we have these kinds of groups to help us.

My mom once told me that the one good thing my illness has done for me is brought people into my life I normally probably wouldn't have met. I think it's helped me, too, to become more supportive of those with illness, a greater understanding of their pain and struggle and a respect for what they go through. Like I said, people who deal with chronic illness every day and keep trying every day to make a life for themselves and their families, are heroes to me.

You all take care.


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