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Was It All In His Head?

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I'm glad articles are being written showing that we are not making things up. The brain fog thing is soooo real and it is scary to us when we realize we can't remember something - that should be obvious. We all start worrying about Alzheimer's or something else horribly wrong with our brains.


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Wow. Poor kid. I'm glad he finally got a proper diagnosis. I've had some pretty foggy moments, but definitely nothing that severe. That would scare me! I agree with you Issie. I think it's so helpful to have articles about how this is a real condition and that we're not all looking for attention or whatever is doctors can think.

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Great article which seems pretty medically accurate. Glad to see POTS in a major paper. Interesting that the patient is male. I thought the all in your head thing was more for women/girls.

I'm sure its tough being a woman and being told its all in your head. At the same time try being a man and being told that. Your looked at to be strong physically, mentally, etc and your not sure whats going on with your body. Everyone is looking at you saying "but you look fine"... grrrrrrrrrrr......... Now if I even think someone I know (family or friend) is questioning it I'm quick to tell them to **** off.
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