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Excessive Sweating

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Hi All,

I went for nearly 6 years without sweating at all. 4 years after this symptom developed I was diagnosed with POTS. Anyway, after 6 years of virtually no sweating I started to sweat again. Just a little, and it would occur when I was exerting myself (like when cleaning kitchen). The ability to sweat continued to increase over the next few years but now I've gone way past normal -- to the other side -- to excessive sweating for more than a year and a half. The plus side is that I don't have to be concerned about overheating anymore. The negative side is that I'm almost always sweaty -- changing my clothes multiple times a day, having a number of showers etc. It's cold now in Australia and I had thought that with the end of summer I'd see the end of excessive sweating but seems that this is just not going to happen. I'm not feeling too good anyway so I'm not leaving the house much at the moment, but when I do it is impossible to dress for the cold properly as in 5 minutes or a half hour I'll be wanting to strip most of my clothes off because of feeling hot and sweating. And when I sweat I sweat everywhere, it even pours off my legs a lot of the time. And sweating on my face can feel like it's raining at times. I kid you not.

I'm just wondering who else gets excessive sweating? And if anyone else has experienced going from not sweating to sweating too much over the years? Talk about a complete turn around.

Many thanks,


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I am 54 and was on the very light side of sweating - I felt as if I almost never did sweat - but that wouldn't be normal - so I'd say I'd sweat so infrequently that I thought I never did. Then in 2008 my sx's began - I am female. So the heavy sweating I sorta attributed to menopausal type things - now I am post menopause and the sweating really troubles me... when at rest or with exertion - it will drip off my nose and eye brows - yuck... I have unstable or labile blood pressure and some orthostatic intolerance with EDS - I take propranolol and clonidine and dyazide along with my thyroid med and nexium - and pain meds. I am never told by my doctor what the sweating is about - the sweat test part of the dysautonomia testing twice was normal. I have no idea what this is about - unless it's just normal for women my age to sweat alot.

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In general, I don't think I sweat excessively but for some reason whenever I have a TTT done I do. Maybe it's a symptom of presyncope?

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Thanks nowhat and puppylove,

I'm also post menopausal - officially postmenopausal at age 51. I do think that hot flushes have something to do with it but like pupply love I'm also thinking it also has to do with presyncope. I get the tachy, lightheadedness/'bursting' head, and feelings like i'm going to faint. I can actually feel like this and continue to stay on my feet for some time but I do feel dreadful when it's happening. Other times I sit down and put my feet up or lie down. Doing this will often bring my sweating, tachy under control. Then again, it happens in bed.

I guess it's probably a combination of having pots and being post menopausal. Apparently, according to Dr Grubb (one of his patients told me), menopause will often see an increase in POTS symptoms.

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