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Avengers Movie


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I saw the movie last Friday and enjoyed it! I read a lot of comic books when I was younger and when this movie came out I was very excited. Needless to say I remember when one of the Hulk movies came out a few years back. It was prior to POTS and a girl I was talking to compared me to the Hulk. She said I was normally friendly, calm, etc. However if something set me off I was like the Hulk, lol. Anyways the Hulk was my favorite character, growls, screams, breaks everything he can! The movie had action, humor, drama, etc! In the end it was good vs evil. I think thats why I like superhero movies, they represent good vs evil and good always wins.

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I want to see the Avengers with my boys, but I am afraid that the action scenes will really bother me. Rapid sequences act like a strobe light and trigger awful symptoms; were there any scenes that were like that?

some were fast like that. This sometimes bothers me and sometimes dosent. I was ok all in all during the film.
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