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Saw my attorney today

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hello everyone,

I saw my attorney today and I was impressed with her. She is focused and doesn't mess around with chit -chat----hard to do with me as I am one big rambler.

She mentioned something about the chemical exposure where I worked, and I told her I had already been around and around with other attorneys on that one. She said she would look into it anyway. I told her that my ex-employer had a group of mean attorneys to help that company get away with just about anything. She laughed, and said, "OH DON"T WORRY ABOUT THAT". I could tell she meant business. That's my kind of lawyer!

I wish my son would have continued with his studies towards becoming a lawyer, but he is taking a break right now and still deciding what he wants, as he likes writing very much also. If he ends up going back, he will make an excellent attorney.

We went through the usual review of paper work, and some of my history with this fun illness---POTS and Chiari related issues.........yo ho ho and a bottle of rum....yada, yada, yada. I will probably be denied my reconsideration, but we will continue with appeal, and then we'll take it from there.

Just thought I might update you all. I'm hanging on........

Julie :0)

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Julia, I hope she is able to get you the benefits you deserve--and have paid into the system for all those years that you DID work.


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