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Hi, everyone.

I've been here since 2005 and I've always had a "generic" icon. How can I get my picture uploaded to appear with my posts? I went to edit my profile and have tried to download a photo, but it keeps saying, "File is too large." Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, everyone.


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I was having trouble with that too. I had to use a picture off of paint on my computer or my iPod because they were the right size.

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your picture is still missing so I guess you didn't figure it out yet? To make a smaller pic there are a few ways to do it. this I think is easy (for me) but it's not intuitive because you are not actually going to e-mail it.

find the picture on your computer you want to use and double click (or single if you have it set that way) to open it. It "should" open in Windows photo viewer. (If not you can right click the pic and select 'open with' Windows photo viewer)

Click E-mail

select picture size: smaller

click attach

MS Outlook "should" open

The smaller version of the file you want is in the Attach... line. Right click that file and click "save as" and save it where you want it, just remember where it went! the desktop is fine. Close Outlook and photo viewer.

Then come back here to your profile and upload the new smaller file like you tried to do before.

Hope that helps.

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