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Holistic Doc Visit....and Possible Goof With Magnesium!

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Happy to report that my appointment with the integrative / functional medicine doctor on Thursday was really productive. He was actually interested in getting at the source of my symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. So, he's trying to figure out why I have NMH in the first place. Looking at possible enzyme deficiencies (that might result in me not breaking down excess bodily substances, like estrogen...too high estrogen = low bp) and possibly adrenal issues (basically that 17 months on florinef plus all the other stuff going on has done in my adrenal system, so no longer producing either aldosterone or catecholamines; and apparently catecholamines are crucial in ridding the body of excess estrogen, so again, if low on those, estrogen too high = low bp and really low bp before my period). Going through some testing over the next couple of weeks.....

He had a couple of recommendations until we get the testing done, 1 c. of cruciferous veges per day to take care of the enzyme deficiency. He also recommended 400 mg of magnesium glutamate (b/c I've been on PPIs for awhile).

So, took the magnesium the last three days and my bp has been REALLY low (down from avg of 105, to this morning 91/53, my danger zone). Got on here and google and discovered the magnesium can lower bp (oooooooppppppsss, not good for me). So, guess I'm ditching that supplement!! I assume you guys would agree that the mag might have caused the low readings???

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My EP at the Cleveland Clinic was not happy to see that I was taking magnesium. She recommended that I either d/c it or lower the dose. I had been on 400 mg for fibro, recommended by my fibro MD. So I am not surprised at your findings. I hope you get that issue resolved! FWIW, I did stay on the mag, I just lowered the dose to 200 mg at noon and I have had no drops in BP.

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Did he mention diet ? That was probably the first question my integrative doctor asked me.

My answer was that I was on the paleo diet, which was good, so we moved on to nutritional deficiency

testing, stool tests and hormone tests. Plus she's run all kinds of bloodwork I'd never heard of.

I've learned a great deal about my body from all these tests but I haven't improved like I'd hoped.

I have extenuating circumstances tho. For the most part, I can't afford the treatments, I'm too tired to follow what I'm told

to do and at 56, I have damage from years of eating the sad, esp gluten.

I can't say that my bp went down with magnesium because it's gone down at times before I took

anything. My norm is 95 - 115 over 85 - 70 ish .. Salt does more to keep mine up than anything.

I'm excited to hear how this works out for you. Tc .. X

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We did talk diet briefly, but he was more interested in why I've been having such trouble adjusting to meds, why I've been unable to taper the florinef, and why my cycle throws a kink into everything. We'll get around to diet, I'm sure, but for now he's worried about the "bigger" issues that are impacting my functionality in serious ways.

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Um, fwiw, gluten kept me from walking for 16 1/2 years, so diet is big .. Have you seen theglutenfile ?

I'm a little concerned that he didn't mention how important diet is. So far, I've only met 2 - 3 people who've

seen integrative doctors who didn't mention this. They said that they weren't successful and wasted a ton of money.

Two of them are on pheonix rising .. If you want names, you can pm me.

I hope I'm not being a pest. I'd hate to see you waste your time and money.

Maybe the correct term for what my doc is doing is functional medicine and not integrative. Dr terry wahls

describes my experience in her ted video and she uses the term functional medicine.

Tc .. D

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Hi Hoosierfan,

I think I've mentioned this before on here, but magnesium sent me to the ER. I took just one tiny half dose and it threw the dysautonomia into a frenzy and my blood pressure was all over the place. It was awful. So no more magnesium for me...but my muscles didn't hurt. haha. So it wasn't for nothing at least. Wish I could take it.

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So glad you had a good experience (except for the mag)! It's refreshing when you meet someone who wants to find the source of the problems! And it is a slow process...one thing at a time, so I get what you said about going for the "bigger stuff" first. I hope that you are able to continue on this course and have positivie results. Remember, you're an onion and need to peel those layers of healing :)

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