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Any GOOD Autonomic testing labs out there?


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Hi Guys - What would you consider the most thourough Autonomic testing lab in the US?

Also which dr you would recommend seeing the most?

I see dr Grubb on the 11th of April...I am anxious to see him and hopeful he will have some suggestions, but I know he will not do testing and feel I really need further things done b/c of the severity of my hypovolemia.....

I spoke to a friend with Dyautonomia who just came back from a week of Testing in London.... It seems the knowledge they have there and the testing far surpass what is offered here....

Its discouraging at the least.

Just wanted to get some of your input to whom would be the best place to try.

Thank you for all your help and information.....it has really made such an impact on my health and finding answers <_<

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If you are looking for testing, I would suggest Dr. Fouad at the Cleveland Clinic. I just saw her recently and she wanted to do tons of testing on me. They have state-of-the-art facilities. Unlike you, I don't want testing....been through it all before...Dr. Grubb is now my doc. He is FANTASTIC.

Good luck!


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Thank You Kristen! Does she diagnose or just test? Also have you or anyone heard of the Clinic in Columbus Ohio? I think a Dr Novak heads the unit? ( same name as my ans dr here!)

I am wondering about their reputation...... I called and they were very nice..interested in helping, but have not remembered any postings on that particular place....

Thanks again!

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Thank you so much steph for all your input :)

It seems like mayo is the best... My Lyme Dr mentioned John's Hopkins as well.....Columbus was very nice when I called as well.

I guess I just want to get to the bottom of my hypovolemia/ANS Problems once and for all...so I am willing to go/travel wherever..whatever it takes to get the best diagnses and best treatment options.

I am really hoping Dr Grubb can help, and so thankful he is back to work.

I just want to be armed with a few "game Plans" So That I am not sitting around another year on this.......

This board has been invaluable to me for getting good information. Thank you to everyone who contributes here!

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Guest Mary from OH

There's a totally different autonomic testing center in Columbus too, not affiliated with OSU at all. The lab is at the McConnell Heart Centter (a new Hospital dedicated only to hearts affiliated with Riverside Methodist Hospital). The link for the offices is: (MidOhio Cardiology and Vascular Consultants)


If you go into the site look under Electrophysiology. They have 5 Electrophysiologists on staff.

Steven J. Kalbfleisch, MD, FACC

John D. Hummel, MD, FACC

Emile G. Daoud, MD, FACC

Ralph S. Augostini, MD, FACC

Raul Weiss, MD, FACC

I was tested here and was impressed with their technology.

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