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Hate To Ask: Dentist

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Hi, everyone.

I hate to ask, but do any of you know of a good dentist within a two hour's drive of Lima, Ohio (I am exactly one hour south of Toledo, Ohio, and one hour north of Dayton, Ohio, and one hour east of Fort Wayne, Indiana)? Maybe in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Fort Wayne?

I had a root canal done several weeks ago. I had pretty bad pain and infection in the broken tooth. Anyway, I got very sick from all the work, medications, etc. It took weeks to recover.

The dentist, then, would not put my crown on because he said he wants to work on all my other teeth first, re-filling broken fillings and cleaning my teeth. In other words, he's holding my crown hostage until I agree to all this other work. There's nothing I can do about it. He won't budge.

Lately, I've had bleeding in this dead tooth and pain is starting again. I'm sure it's getting infected again.

Too, I've already paid this dentist over $20000.00 for what he's done with the root canal, and that is without the crown, and with no work to the other teeth. I truly can't afford him (I have virtually no dental insurance).

So, can any of you recommend a good dentist around Northwest Ohio? One who will care about my health conditions, too, that we have to be careful of when giving meds?



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