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Echo 55% Ef - How Often Would You Expect One?


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Due to see cardio in 2 weeks. I had an echo 15 months ago not long after being diagnosed and having pots full blown.

As most of my symptoms are chest, neck and arm pain, SVt followed by chest pain, brady/tachy HR and highish Bp rather than tiredness, dizziness or digestive was wondering whether i should be having another. Quite concerned that I have been unable to exercise for this period of time and my ejection faction was already 55%.

How often are these necessary?


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Can anyone say if they have had more than one. Is it the case that there is not much change over time.

I had one 10 years ago and I know my ejection faction was 70% then so there has been some decline.

Anyone know more about this?

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I think it's up the the individual cardiologist.. My 1st echo my EF was 30%. I had a repeat that was a lot better in the 50's. They did one more after that because I was having some symptoms that had gotten worse and it was normal. I would think if you are getting worse they would consider another one. 55% is low end of normal but if you're feeling worse I would think they would re-check one. I would think maybe a stress test would be helpful if you're having trouble with activity.


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