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Neuropathy - Back Of Heel Dead And Getting Worse?


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never quite been able to work out what neuropathy so if someone could help clarify it for me it would be great.

My heel started to go dead a few years ago before the pots dx and it's getting worse - is this neuropathy and if so is there anything i can do or should do about it.

Is it indicative of anything else or of the type of pots i have.


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Sorry Emma that your heel is giving you trouble...can you not feel it at all? Do you have any back issues at all? It could be a pinched nerve, too. Montie had a good idea with the question on diabetes.

Thanks Montie...Do you take Lipoic acid? Lipoic acid is an antioxidant also found in red meat, spinach, yams, carrots, beets, broccoli and potatoes. It's not only good for those with diabetes, but also good for the nervous system, brain function and preventing strokes, as well. Sounds like a good one to me. There is no actual recommended dosage. I would talk with your doctor first, but from what I read it comes in 30-100mg. tablets. I read 20-50mg./day on a medical site.

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Yes I have some issues with lower back compression and this has been worse recently.

I eat broc/spinnach/meat/carrots every day so good diet. Could try lipoic acid.

Yes I have also had issues with sugar level dropping but nothing official.

Often see others mention neuropthy and just wondered whether it was the name of the numbness.

I have alot of chest/heart symptoms I am trying to get resolved so I know no-one will be interested in my numb heel. I have actually mentioned it to 2 docs and got a blank look.

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