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Dysautonomia Clinic In California?

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Does anyone know of a Dysautonomia Clinic in California? I really need to be seen by a Dr. who is familiar with POTS, I have been suffering in silance for decades.

I also want to know if they have major autonomic testing equipments, because my insurance does not cover for Vanderbilt or Mayo clinics.

Thanks in advance!

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Dr.Jaradeh, who used to be at a clinic in Wisconsin is now at Stanford. He is a neuro who specializes in theses types of disorders. I don't no if they have set up an actual "dysautonomia clinic" but he is very knowledgeable about POTS.

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How about these doctors ? I've been reading Dr Vikki Peterson's blog for years and love the way she explains things. I didn't see a dysautonomia reference when i looked just now but I'm assuming she knows what it is since she knows so much. If not, she's in with a group ... ps .. the bolding isn't my idea .. it just happened this way ... tc ... d


2011. HealthNOW Medical Center, Inc.

1309 S. Mary Ave, Suite 100

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Phone: 408-733-0400

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Today, I called Dr. Safwan Jaradeh's office which is in Stanford, California (I don't live there), his nurse was so nice and honest, she told me that he is knowlegable about POTS but he is still working on establishing the lab and all the other equipments. I think he will be my POTS Dr. in the future.

Thanks for your replies.

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Guest Alex


have you checked dinet's list of physicians? - main page left side of the page, under physician list


scroll down the page and you should find CA list of drs

there are quite a few listed there - maybe one of them is close to where you live.

if not mistaken UCLA has an autonomic lab

hope this helps


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So happy that you were pleased with Dr. Jaradeh's office. My daughter has met with him once and is due to go back in a month. He seems very knowledgable about POTS.

When you meet with him, let me know how your appointment goes.

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