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Muscle Strength Varies For No Apparent Reason

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So I just got extreme SOB from lifting a stuck window that I lift on most days. It was so bad that I had to lay down and breath through my mouth for about 10 minutes. My brain was fried too so there's really no choice but to lay down and wait for this to end. I'll probably be down for about 30 minutes with this as my body re-cooperates. This is my reaction to aerobic exercise too.

I'm self sufficient but weak too so I have muscles normally ... if that makes any sense. For example on most days I can lift my laundry baskets and take them to the laundry mat without having a problem but every once in a while, this makes me winded too.

Anyone else ? And does anyone know of a reason this would vary so much ?

Isn't muscle strength supposed to be constant ? tc ... d

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Lifting your arms can make you more symptomatic. It is harder for your heart to pump, when your extremities are higher than your heart, so it puts extra strain on your heart, because of the exertion, and can make you more tachycardic. This then in turn causes vasoconstriction of the vessels, the shortness of breath, because of the lack of oxygenated blood all around. Most of us have only about 85% of the normal blood volume (hypovolemia) to begin with, so that definitely puts us at a disadvantage, compared to the average person, so we are physically weaker, because of it. It helps to fluid load and increase salt intake when you know that you are going to be extra physical to help compensate for this problem. I'm amazed that you can do this at all with all your diagnoses. More power to you!!

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I was thinking that maybe I was just worn out by then too. I'd opened 5 windows by the time I got to that one.

My arms weren't over my head this time but I know what you mean by how that affects us. I stay somewhat

fit because I have to do everything myself and I'm a tough old broad .. Lol ..

I don't have a life tho because I spend my energy on the basics while having to lay down every time I turn

around. It could be worse tho. I feel for those who can't get up to do the basics even.

Jello is a good way to describe what it feels like. I just wish we knew why it happens. Tc .. D

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I wanted to add that I am having a tough day too tho. I'm feeling a huge rush of blood in my upper

body when I lay down and I need to lay down every 15 - 30 minutes. I probably have pem (post exertional

malaise) and I'm always weaker then.

I just haven't gotten totally winded like that in a very long time... tx .. D

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I have variations in my strength. Some days I'm stronger...literally able to do more with my muscles. And, different types of motion using the same muscle group will yield variable levels of strength. For example, I tried a new ab workout video today. I could barely do some exercises while others were easy for me. It was very strange.

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Do you know if you get pem ? I know I do so I should've thought of this at first but didn't. In case

you don't know what this is, this causes extreme

muscle weakness including brain fatigue 24 - 48 hours after exerting oneself. Pacific labs is testing pwcs

for this. I've only seen oi listed as a cause for pem. I think dr peckerman said it.

I had a very stressful experience sunday too so my body was probably recooping from that. I found

a lost little girl, 5 yrs old appr, at the beach and returned her to her father. He was a mess as was I.

I don't think she had a clue what danger she was in. Either that or I look so much like a nice grandma

that she felt ok with me. Lol .. I have adrenal fatigue so i was upset for hours afterwards.

She was 5 - 10 minutes away easily. And well beyond anyone's eyesight. A nightmare for any parent.

So the stress may have nailed me. Tc .. D

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Pem - post exertional malaise (malaise that comes on post exertion and last 24 + hours)

Pwcs - persons with cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome)

There can be an overlap between potsies and pwcs. From what I've seen not all potsies have pem or chronic

fatigue but some do. And not all pwcs have oi but many do. I don't know which patients would get pem. I'd have

to find it again, but I believe dr peckerman said those with significant oi would get pem due to hypoperfusion.

Googling cfs pem pacific labs will give you more details. Jsyk .. Pem is sometimes being called pene now as it

causes neuro problems in some. If mine is really bad, I turn into gumby for a day .. Lol ..

This wasn't a normal pem symptom for me tho. Something nailed me ..

Tc .. D

Ps. Did you treat for lyme ?

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I don't have anything official saying I have pem but my guess is that I would qualify. It wasn't always that way, just since I got sick 4 1/2 yrs ago.

I was treated for Lyme and Babesiosis for a year w/antibiotics by a Lyme Literate Doc. It was however a year after becoming symptomatic so it is hard to say how much damage was done by then.

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Typically PEM is the easiest to see if you've done more than you would normally. Then it can put you out of commision for a few days.

I wasn't officially tested either but since I started having some good days in 2006 - 7, I realized that after I over exerted myself on the good days, I was down for a few days afterwards. For me, the worst day is the first day after over exerting myself. It doesn't take much in my case. That's when I'm more likely to be brain dead and have to spend the day on the couch. The next few days aren't as bad. And then I have a good day again.

I have a freind who's been treating for LYME for several years now but she had a lot of co-infections. I know what you mean about damage. I'm sure I have gluten damage ... tc ... d

PS .. today was better so I'm not sure what nailed me. I started with the tough window first this time tho. I got a little winded but nothing like before. That was scarey ...

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Yeh, I was glad I was there too. She definitely needed me or someone to get her back to her Dad.

I'm guessing she was a kindergartner based on how she acted with me. She was so innocent.

Or else my body screams nice grandma .. Lol ..

But it was hard on me. I wasn't sure what to say or what we were going to find when we got

to her Dad. Luckily the lifeguards were involved by then and her Dad was "normal".

Is there info on adrenaline surges and dysautonomia ?

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I'm almost 100% sure my fatigue and sob is caused my metebolic issues like mito but went to a neuro muscular doc and he wasn't willing to test me for anything just simple physical. Was very disappointed... Mito issues aren't easy to test for and most docs don't understand them and there isn't a cure. So even if they discover this wack metebolic issue idk if they will have a cure in my lifetime :(

Do you ever get sob while walking or standing for long and do u wear compression garments?

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I always get sob and petite mals from being up too long. This can be just from standing for 10 minutes or less. I just don't get them like I did after opening that

window the other day. I'm much better off walking.

I feel fine after I've laid down for awhile, typically an hour, tho so I'm pretty sure it's from hypoperfusion. Did you see

Dr peckerman's info on this. It's on this site.

I'm still waking up here but I remember oxalates inhibit mitochondria. I have a link somewhere or you can

google it probably. The low ox diet and/or taking b6 + magnesium, biotin, and calcium citrate before

meals is supposed to help with oxalate problems.

My doc also recommended a mito cocktail but I need to find that info. I did try these supplements at one

point and it didn't help tho. I'm going to look at this again tho. I believe it's called the sinatra protocal.

Tc .. D

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I take CoQ10, B complex, vitamin D3, and magnesium oxide,which have all helped me with this!! I'm amazed at the difference!! CoQ10 is found in the mitochondria of the cell, and has given me more energy. I was also deficient in Vitamin D and was on 4.000 IU's for a month, and now I am on 2,000 IU's. Both have me feeling more "normal" :)

High excitement, like finding a little girl's father in a mass of people is enough to wear the normal person out...Way to go :D You definitely went above and beyond in this situation!! I'm sure they were thankful.

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Hi kim,

Good to hear you've found some things that have helped you.

I've taken or tried to take most supplements over the last 6 years but have yet to rid myself of oi or pem. I may get

extra energy for awhile, but it always comes back to bite me in the asset in the form of pem. I'm open to trying these again or more tho.

I'm guessing it was a combo of stress and feeling weaker than normal for a few weeks prior. I haven't

recovered yet from taking keflex. I've

done this before so at least now I have something to look up for future reference.

The girl actually just sat down behind me and let out a big sigh. And when I looked at her, she was looking at the

ground with that

"now what am I going to do " look on her face. When I asked her if she was lost, she said "yes" in the

tiniest sheepish voice. So I asked her if she wanted me to help her find her mom. Sheepishly again,

She said "it's my dad". And so we headed off in the direction she thought her dad was.

When we got close enough a lifeguard yelled out to us asking if it was ? ... I said yes. She looked

sheepish once again. Then the lifeguard yelled out to the father, that she'd been found. And notified

the other beach patrols.

The father held her and told her that she couldn't just take off like that. Then he asked me where

I found her. I explained that she found me. He just shook his head when I pointed out how far away she'd been.

I was exhausted and mostly braindead so I didn't stick around to see how long she'd been missing. The looks on their faces

meant it had been too long tho. They were all very worried.

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