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"kaybers" Met "pots93" Today!

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Most of you know that pots93 has been in the hospital since Tuesday. She's having a rough time and they are very frustrated with the care they are getting (or lack thereof....) and the current treatment plan while she's at that hospital. The girls have been facebook messaging and texting the last several days and Kaybers has been praying daily for them. Since it's only an hour drive to where they live, her Mom and I decided that it was time for the girls to finally meet..... face to face!

They were able to talk about their disease, frustrations, worries, fears, and even just about girl stuff in the short 2 hours we were there! Us Moms enjoyed meeting too, and giving advice on how to handle our "potsies".

You can read a little more and see a few pictures we took at "Life With the Lyons Family: They Finally Meet... Face to Face!".

Know that Pots93 and her Mom are so VERY thankful (just as I was last year) for your support during these last few days! This forum has meant the world to them!!


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Wonderful for all of you...so good to see your beautiful smiles :) Kayla and Kayleigh, and to have a friend, who truly understands and supports you!! What an encouragement to all of you. God has truly blessed you :D

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