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I am happy to say I am back to work. I was going to lose my job if I could not go back. I am doing better.

I attribute that to:

Sunlight- still makes me feel better and has more effect than anything except the Propranolol LA which I am awful without at 80mg morning and night.

Exercise-walk/run 2 miles total about 3-5 times a week and walk at work a fair amount.

Not being stressed that I might have a pheo. ( That 3-4 week period definately made me far worse though other stress has not had much effect. )

( Also misc. little things like coffee helps, but has a reverse efffect as it wears off, lack of sleep makes me far worse, eating regular and enough helps-long periods with nothing makes me worse.)

I have not had a day without any "dizziness" at all, but have days with long periods of no symptoms. Cognitive symptoms-brainfog pretty much only come with dizziness feel, and are much better. HR is lower lying and standing and difference is lower by a little. ( but I am on large dose propranol. )

Anyways, I am very happy about it, and just hope to hang in there.

Best to all!!!

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CONGRATS! Glad to hear you've been able to return to your job. That's super news. Hope it keeps up and you continue to improve. Don't forget about us around here. :)

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Congrats & Good luck ~ I had to visit your profile and read all of your posts to see if there was something you did differently than me that I could include....as of course we are all searching for solutions. I was out of work from Jan to early Feb....returned 3 days/week until March and then up to 5 days per week. My days at work are better than the weekends and I think it's due to the fact that I need to move early in the morning and move my blood. I still have symptomatic days - actually - nearly every day but the conditioning of my job I believe is part of the solution. I'm a Physical Therapist and walking alot during the day. Anyway, congrats!!! I felt like my RTW was a super achievement in a time where I was uncertain about getting my life back.

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Thank you everyone,

This is really an amazing web site where people can get support and work on finding the solutions to their illness at the same time, with an illness that is very hard to get answers to and that the medical community does not address well enough. There are so many patients with this illness and so few doctors that even know about it not to mention specialize in it. I know personally I have gone though so much frustration with the medical community. Fortunately many of the people on here also appear to have a medical background.

Relax86- I find the coffee in the morning and getting moving right away along with sunlight driving in to work helps. Of course driving is better, because I am sitting not standing and leaning back. I find the best thing I can do is to sit back ( or lie down ) or to be moving, not standing in one place. I am trying to exercise after work and day/s off as much as possible without overdoing it. I do not think I ever had as much of a problem with fatigue in response to exercise as some peope with POTS but it seems there is more next day fatigue etc. than there should be, so I try to use caution.

Anyways, for now it is working and again all the support is so very much appreciated!

I hope everyone can find their answers.

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