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New Vanderbilt Study On Zithromax Z-Pac & Heart Patients

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Thanks for posting this. I was on zithromax a few years ago and had so many PVC's that I had to ask my doctor to prescribe something different. It's now listed as an "allergy" in my chart and after reading this, I'm glad!!

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I think it's funny they've singled out Zithromax. What they are talking about is long QT syndrome and torsaddes de points . They are a known complication of the entire mycin family- erithromycin, azithromycin (z-pack), etc. A lot of drugs other than those antibiotics can cause long QT as well and are actually much more likely to cause it. I think is applicable to pots though. I won't take any med that causes long QT because how sensitive our hearts are already

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