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Anyone Else With Pots Have Mito And Take The Mito Cocktail ?

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I have been denied insurance the Mito Cocktail. My neuro has tried over and over to appeal the

insurance company. I have tried to talk to them, but they won't talk to me. I can't afford to pay my utility bills let alone 900 dollars a month for the Mito Cocktail.

Has anyone figured out another way to do it?

someone suggested me taking several high potency regular vitamins a day without Iron. (allergic to

Iron) as we tend to pee out what we don't need.

The doctor said one patient found that Walmart gets the largest buys on vitamins and sells them the cheapest. I could go in there and ask them to make a 30 day supply of the cocktail and try it. It would be like taking 80 pills a day. Usually I would go and get it all compounded @ a special pharmacy because they can guarantee what is exactally in the amount of the vitamin. whereas other vitamins

you really don't know what you are getting. Because vitamins are not regulated there is a wide

variation of what you are really getting as to what the label states.

I hope this makes sense...I'm over tired today. : )

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Oh wow that is a lot. Everything my dr has me on is around $400 & I thought it was a lot.

Someone told me to check vitacost. & I've been doing that as I run out of each it cuts it at least by half!

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Are your's compounded by a pharmacy?

How many do you take a day?

do you notice a big difference?

Thanks for your reply. I think I needed to see your quote,"Jesus take the wheel".

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I'm glad you liked it :) it's a great Carrie Underwood song!

No, I've using http://www.vitacost.com

And read through reviews of things I needed to pick them. Basically hunt, peck, & try.

They aren't compounded. I was originally getting them from the company my dr works with, GNLD, but it got too expensive.

I take about 10 vitamins but some of them I take a few times a day, so maybe 20-30 pills plus my POTS meds.

I do think they have helped. Most of them are for digestion and my gastroparesis but my GP is becoming manageable. I'm also taking things I tested deficient for.

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Oh my gosh, what are you on that's $900 a month? My mito doctor has me on 300mg ubiquinol coq10 (a better-absorbed form) through Swansons Vitamins ($30 a month), carnitine which is a prescription, 100mg alpha lipoic acid ($4 a month), and a B-100 complex that is $1.50 a month. So a total of $35.5 plus my carnitine copay.

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I agree with partyhat. I take CoQ10, which is what is naturally found in the mitochondria of the cell, B complex, Magnesium and Vitamin D. I know I am deficient in D, so I was on a large dose, and now have tapered to a maintenance. I'm convinced the D and CoQ10 are working wonders for me. I get them at Target! I'm feeling a lot better on them; a lot more energy, finally without the tachycardia, thanks to my beta blocker. Should have started taking the CoQ10 years ago :)

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Medication Ranges Patient's Dose

B1 50-200 mg qd 200 mg

b2 50-600 mg qd 400 mg

b6 50-500 mg qd 400 mg

b12 50-100 ug qd 100 microg

vit c 55 mg /kg qd(100-2000mg qd) 1000mg

vit e 200-1200 IU qd 800 IU

CANITOR(l-CARNITINE)50-100 mg/kg qd (this he pulled out,as insurance never wants too pay as it's very expensive)

alpha-lipoicacid 10-125 mg/kg qd 1,000 mg

CQ10 (ubiquninone) 5-20 mg/kg qd 1,500 mg

N- acetyl cysteine(NAC)12-25 mg/kg qd 1,500 mg

folinic acicd 01.5mg/kg qd 100 mg

I think I copied this right :/

They are all compounded into caps so you get an accurate dose. I went to Walmart today to see if they could help me.

They never saw this MITO COCKTAIL ever before. They said, although they look like a Super Walmart, they are not one. The

nearest one is far away.

My insurance will not cover vitamins or medical foods. The doctor showed me the file with all the attempts that have been

made. The sectary informed me of the same thing when I checked out. I can't do this on my own. I will somehow figure this all out. I will continue to search online. Thanks for any tips on where to buy any vitamins. I know I can't afford this.

Maybe coq10 with what I already take might help. : ) I'm overwhelmed thinking right now.... time to hand all my trouble

over to God and rest.

Hugs to all ...

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I'm no vitamin expert or mito expert but I've been reading up on it a lot lately. Looking at your list do you think you can just buy a good multivitamin that will have a b complex with c and e? Then other 5 maybe get for $20 each for a month supply? I've seen a NAC for less than $20 online, my 200 mg of coQ is about $25 a month.. I think if you do some google searching or look on amazon.com you might find some good deals and it will maybe cost $150/month at the most...

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I've been looking around trying to figure out the same thing, along with thinking protein powder that I add in with my

drinks/shakes all might give me more energy. Something has to work. : ) Thanks for any tips friends.

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I used to lift weights and take creative powder it does help with endurance and energy. But when you stop taking it the effects are gone. I've heard that organic, bio available whey protein is good precursor for glutathione which is supposed to be good on a number of levels. Alpha. So are lac and nac that's why they can sometimes come in one capsule..

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I order my supplements from a place on-line called HiLife Vitamin and Herb Co. - they are always 30-50% off retail. Done business with them for a long time and they are nice people. Tell them Issie told you about them. If you order on line and over a certain amount there is an additional discount. They are out of New Jersey. They can pretty much get any brand of whatever you want. All they need is the barcode. If you don't see something listed - call them and see if they can get it. It's saved me a lot of money over the years. They do order when you place your order - so it might take a little while to get it - but, it's worth it because of the discount. I just plan early enough ahead and order before I get out of anything.


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Thanks everyone : )

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I don't know if I have mitochondrial disorder but the integrative doctor that I went to recently suggested taking Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer which you can get on Amazon. Take a look; the ingredients are listed. I've been taking it for just a week and don't notice any difference in how I feel but I thought I would put the suggestion out there.

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