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Florinef & Midodrine Combination

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Guest Alex

I did for about 3 weeks right after being diagnosed with POTS.

It didn't really work out for me - side effects from midodrine (itching, tingling etc), plus the combo increased my BP and pulse too much. :(


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Thank you. My daughter takes .01 (or is it .1?)mg of Florinef and her cardiologist has recommended adding in 2.5mg of midodrine 3x a day. I trust him with her life, would trust him with anything, just looking for a bit of feedback. I guess I should monitor her blood pressure for the first little bit when we add it in, and see how she feels. She did initially start out with midodrine a year ago when she was diagnosed, but it didn't do enough for her, so he switched to Florinef.

Thanks everyone!

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I've taken both for close to a year. I've had significant side effects from both I've gotten so much worse in that time I wonder why I take either.. Lol.. But everyone reacts differently.

My problem has really been with Florinef. I take .2 daily and it's a night more. It does retain fluids and salt but it gives me such a terrible headache and this incredible pressure in my head. I am actually trying to getting off Florinef.. I have had migraines as long as I can remember and I have Post-Concussion Syndrome after 10 concussions. I want to determine how much of my daily headache issues could be related to Florinef.

I take 15mg of Midodrine 3-4x a day. It DOES lower my BP but not enough. My BP is rarely over 50-60/30-40 range. Without Midiodrine it's lower. That's what I've been experiencing the last month. It seems like every other month this happens. Then my "high" will be 75/60 (just generalizing- these are not my actual #) sometimes in the 90/70 range. I get all the yucky side effects... Itchy scalp, freezing all time (If you take Midodrine don't live in Wisconsin although this winter wasn't so bad) hands and body tingle, some people complain about over active bladder!!!!! I have a severe case of urinary retention so I might not mind that one. I wish it worked better, but I love of issues and am completely bedbound so who knows? So far it's the only thing that's helped even a little.

Good Luck with your daughter!


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