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Scar On The Brain? Really?

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Hi, everyone. This is a question for my husband. He's in the hospital right now. Don't know what's causing his symptoms yet. He's having severe diarrhea, high blood pressure and pressure in his head, plus tinnitus.

He had an MRI two days ago. It showed a spot, so he went back in for a second MRI so they could use contrast. It still showed a spot.

Now, the neurologist came in and said that the spot did not take up contrast, so he thinks it's a scar.

Firstly, why does it matter if it takes up contrast or not? I'm assuming that only bad things, like tumors, take up contrast? So, if it doesn't, that means the spot is made of regular tissue. Is that right?

Also, has anyone ever heard of having a scar on the brain and having it show up on an MRI?

We live in a very small town, and most people take their care elsewhere. I do. My husband has never had to be hospitalized, and so far, he's not real impressed, but I'm really concerned about this MRI.

Thanks, everyone.


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Where is the spot on the MRI...Thank goodness he is NOT having seizures...The headache and tinnitus could be from high blood pressure, and the diarrhea could be a virus. Don't assume the worst. I have a sister in law, who has a benign tumor, a meningioma, on the edge of her brain; she was vomiting, dizzy and tinnitis, and they didn't even operate. She is fine now. I'll be praying it is just a scar or something benign. Is he usually hypertensive? This whole situation could make his blood pressure go up, especially since he has never been in the hospital. Don't worry....

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Hi. The spot is in the frontal lobe, above the right eyebrow.

He is not normally hypertensive, no. And, he was hypertensive before he went in. That's one of the reasons we took him.

Honestly, I'm not assuming the worst. I just don't know what to think since the doc hasn't said anything. John went in with severe diarrhea, yet, the doc just acknowledged it yesterday but won't treat it until he's tested for C-dif three times. The first two showed negative, yet he won't treat until the third is done.

Just wanted to know if anyone had ever heard a doctor talk about scars on the brain. Never heard of this and don't want to miss something.


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Hi, Kim. I don't know. I just know that the doctor said, "You have a spot on your brain, right frontal lobe, above the eyebrow. It doesn't take up contrast. It's not a tumor. It looks like a scar. Have you had an old head injury?"


"Well, it could be caused by your hemochromotosis (iron overload disease), but I'm not sure."

I called a brain surgeon I've seen in the past at Cleveland Clinic, and his secretary said to send my husband's MRI to them and the surgeon would look it over to make sure the spot is benign.

It will just be awhile before we hear anything, and we're both concerned.

Thanks again.


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