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Specific Hypovolmic Drugs To Lower Hr

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After trying so many drugs now to try and slow my heart rate down, nothing has worked with any real success. I have been prescribed what i would call heart specific like the beta blockers, Ivabradine, Clonidine and all that has happened is my BP drops slightly and the HR stays the same and i feel much worse.

I have been on vasoconsticting drugs like Octreotide, Midodrine i am still on and is ok, taken others like Pyridostigmine, Amitrtiptyline, mirtazapine all for good measure but no joy!

I have been told florinef is not a good idea for me due to being type diabetic and being a corticosteroid.

So my options are getting less and less here. Can anyone tell me please if they have had success in particular with their HR being lowered with EPO injections or Desmopressin or anything else in that category.

Many thanks

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IF your heart rate issue is directly due to the hypovolemia, then a volume expander like dDAVP should lower it...BUT, it has no direct effect on the nervous system or heart muscle to lower HR. I have unconfirmed (just missing the official volume test) hypovolemia due to (questionable) partial diabetes insipidus and my orthostatic HR change is almost normal when my volume status is up; but it does nothing for exertional tachycardia.

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Thank you for the comments. I was looking at dDAVP, i am also type one Diabetic. I guess you just have to try the drug to see if it can be of any benefit.

Could you tell me what if any side effects were suffered from this drug?

Do you get very dizzy on Aspirin? I can not take it because i literally stagger if getting out a car or out of bed when i take even one. I feel this could prove i do have Hypovolemia as Aspirin thins the blood. Would i be right do on this do you think?

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Diabetes Insipidus is not the same as Diabetes Mellitus. DI is a pituitary disorder where the kidneys do not concentrate urine due to a lack/lack of response to the pituitary hormone vasopressin. I would discuss it with your endocrinologist before you try it since the extra volume could possibly mess with your blood sugar levels.

I can't take aspirin because of kidney issues, but my blood is measureably too thick (high serum osmolality/ high hematocrit.)

DDAVP can cause a lot of side effects due to possible volume overload and resulting hyponatremia (low serum sodium,) so it needs to be monitored closely. I had blood tests done twice a day for several days when I first started taking it to make sure that I was not over-drinking.

Does your doc think that your dysautonomia is due to your diabetes?

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Ahhh i see, big difference. Thank you for more info, it sounds like it is quite a powerful drug, maybe even more than Florinef and they have warned me that that had could have an effect on the Diabetes. In actual fact after all the testing I had in the Neurovascular and Autonomic department in London it turned out there was no nueropathies due to the Diabetes, its was mostly blamed on the EDS!

I know this is a diificult question to answer and everyone is different but in your case you must feel the benfit from it? I seem to just read bad stories with dDAVP, surely there has to be some good cases about.

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