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Turned Down For The 4Th Time For Social Security!!

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This was a turn down from my initial application that dates back to 2007. Wow. Since 2006 I've had a severe lung fungal infection that took them 18 months to diagnose and had to be treated for 3 months with intense medications that made me so seriously ill, made my eye lashes fall, eye brows and a lot of my hair fall out. I lost 17 pounds and looked like death because I was very close to it. This was when the POTS was so bad I could not even stand for more than a few minutes for 3 years after. Then developed thyroid cancer and toxic thyroid that took them almost a year later to figure out. Two surgeries, radiation and a tough time regulating my thyroid I'm cancer free. But was still sick. Then finally the diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy, orthostatic intolerance, with serious dysreflexia on occasion, and now a tryptase level of 11.6 and now hypermobility and they still think I should be able to get a job. They said there is no reason I can't work at a toll booth. WE laugh so hard at that. Whenever we go somewhere and we see a toll booth my husband says, we should move here, you could get a job.

Anyhow, I'm going to write to congress. On my second lawyer. Also, one of the reason that they turned me down was they said patient says she had thyroid cancer but in 2007 doctor felt her neck and said he was not able to feel anything. Ummm....since when can you feel cancer. I was sitting in the court room with a huge scar on my neck, I didn't get that. And then they said the blood test wasn't positive for a fungal infection so they can't say I really had valley fever. Oh my gosh, that made me so mad. 35% of the population doesn't show a positive blood test but it was obvious on my lung CT scan and by the hole in my lung. Unbelievable that they are even able to reject me on these ridiculous comments, especially when there were notes after notes from several doctors as to how sick I was. But the letter did say that they don't deny I am probably not feeling good, but I can work. Also, the judge said I looked great. That's usually a compliment, but when he said it, I knew what he meant.

Evidently, having 4 rare and serious illnesses and cancer isn't enough to make someone not hold a job. Right now just to write this I have to have the computer set up high and had to get a separate keyboard to type on and have to write in segments due to neck pain. So if anyone knows of a toll booth that i could lay down in to work let me know!!!! I guess I will be applying. :)


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Oh no. I am so sorry! I just got my first denial and it was kind of crushing. I'm planning to appeal. You sound in much worse condition than me (as horrible as I feel) and if they won't give it you, I'm thinking my chances are pretty bleak! I hate this system - I mean we paid into the program when we were able to work, so the benefit should be available to us when we need it. To deny obviously sick people and make them jump through hoops to try and get this meager amount of money just to survive is ridiculous. So what stage of the process is this? There's the intitial application, the reconsideration, the hearing - then what happens? What does the lawyer say?

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Ah, no Naomi, I'm actually doing a bit better. I was in bad shape from 2006 to 2010 and was completely disabled. And the POTS was really at it's worst, but I'm lucky since the POTS has basically gone away, but am left with autonomic neuropathy and orthostatic intolerance. Compared to how I was, this is better, but still not functioning even close to normal. But I know I'm probably better than most here and I'm grateful. But so disgusted with the SS administration. I made a decent amount of money and loved my job so much. So it's sad. I called my lawyer and he is going to appeal. YAY!!! YAY!!!! I thought for sure he was done since this has gone on so long. That was good news. I might write to my congress person also. I heard that can help. And to calm your fears, I've heard Nevada is the worst place to try to get disability. IT's different in every state and our state is really struggling right now. That might be why.

Anoj, that is so true. They keep asking me if I'm depressed and I say no. I went SS office and this woman and her mom overheard me ask a disability question. They sat next to me and had the audacity to say, you don't look sick. Why you here? Oh MY GOSH!! I laughed and told her my list. She said, wow, you are way sicker than I am. And both her and her mother were obviously tweaking on meth. She said she was approved her first time when she lived in Mississippi and was able to just move it to our state. It's shocking that this person who is obviously high is allowed to pick up a state check and her mother too. Also, I know someone who got into a drinking and driving accident, they got a DUI and a bum leg, and I'm sure it's painful, but they were approved the first time due to the leg. I feel I'm an innocent victim of genetics and still no approval. Unbelievable. My letter also said with my education I have lots of options. It doesn't matter how much education I have, I'm sick!!! Crazy life.

Oh well. I shall triumph....eventually.

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