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Bad Day...


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Ever since moving my sis it seems I've been way off.. Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and wasnt feeling well. I went this morning to the local lab to have some blood drawn. When I came back I didnt feel like eating. So around 11 Melanie said she was going to cook french toast.

I was laying on the couch and she brought it out to me. I slowly sat up (didnt feel like eating) and she handed me the plate. On top of it she had the syrup bottle in her hand. She handed it to me and said be careful its very hot (she always microwaves it to heat it). I went to pour and it was so hot that it shot out all over my hand, the couch, and my cloths. I instantly threw everything down and jumped off the couch. I grabbed the newspaper and attempted to wipe the hot syrup off my hand. By that point the damage had been done.

I walked outside and walked around the house several times. I walked back in and looked at the plate on the floor and the bottle of syrup. I "almost" grabbed it and through it out in the street but I restrained myself. I was mad as ****. Melanie felt bad and kept apologizing. I told her it wasnt her fault but I didnt want any **** french toast. I said get in the car were going out to eat (I wanted eggs anyhow).

We drove to our favorite places to eat breakfast. We walked in and they were beyond busy. I said forget it were out. As we walked back to the car Melanie was in front of me. I wasnt feeling well and my hand was really hurting by this point. An SUV was parked next to my car. Melanie was talking to me and said watch out this guy might hit you (he had started backing out in the SUV). Sure enough he backed into me and I took my fist and smacked his rear window. Thankfully he stopped. As I continued to mind my business and get in my car the old man was saying something from within his vehicle. I replied "If your gonna stair at my girl the least you can do is not run me over".

We then went and had Swensons. This way I didnt have to get out of the car and and I was very dizzy... We ate and then headed back home.

Once at the house I decided to sit outside and soak up some sun. Melanie brought out the Beaded Dragons and Bowser kept eating the grass. Later I found out that the grass had recently been fertilized... As if my recent bill from the Cleveland Clinic wasnt enough. Taking a lizard to the Vet is costly since they are considered exotics. Hopefully he's fine.

After sitting out for a while my skin started to hurt. I musta passed out for a few and had planned on putting sun screen on. Needless to say I was starting to burn. I went in and put Aloe on. I then decided to give Melanie an early birthday present. I had just received the sunglasses I had ordered recently. She was getting a pair and my mom was for Mothersday. I showed her both and told her she had her choice. Guess what she didnt like either! She was thankful for them but was honest. I told her I would take them back and get something else.

The rest of the day I havent felt good. If it blisters up I'll take a picture and share! Sorry for the winded rant I just had to get if off my chest.

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Ohhhhh, that was a horrible day. I hope tomorrow will be much better.

Too bad she didn't like the sunglasses - guess, you'll have to add another $50.00 and let her get the ones she's lost 3 other times. (I must say - I wondered if that was going to happen - it was obvious she liked the ones she'd had before - cause she kept getting the same ones.) But, sometimes, people like a change. Besides - you'd already ordered them so it was too late for me to question it. Although, I like the plum ones - I thought they looked nice.

I hope Bowser is okay. What did they have you do for him?

Well, if it was an old guy - he might not have been seeing your girl or you or anyone else for that matter. Sometimes, people get in their own world and then turn their car on. It's really scary. It's a wonder more people aren't hurt these days.

I hope you're not sunburned and hope your hand isn't too bad. If the aloe doesn't work to take the burn out - another old remedy is vinegar. It stinks, but it will stop your skin from burning. I always thought aloe worked better though. You're like me really fair skinned and we burn way easy.

Well, I had a really long and tiring day myself . . ..but, just had to make myself respond to this. Hoping tomorrow is better for you and you and Bowser are okay.


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Bowsers ok so far. We didnt take him to the vet (I'm just hopping that we dont have to).

Melanie confirmed that he was looking at her and never turned to look back or check his mirror. Just an old pervert... I'll probably be the same if I make it to his age.

Oh well on the sunglasses I'm just glad she didnt settle. She said she wanted something different than the brand we bought last year. I think were going Sunglass shopping this week.

No not sun burned but where the hot syrup was I'm burnt and it might blister up.

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Sorry, Montie; may today be better. There are new mercies every morning!! You should be glad your fiance is at least honest. Silvadene is the best medication for a burn, but you need a prescription for that...Issies" suggestion for aloe is always a good idea, and I'm glad you didn't get run over by that crazy guy. Sorry you are dizzy; I know all about that, too well...to better days :) I hope Bowsers OK, too!!

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You went to Swenson's? You can't live far from me! That's a great place. I hope you feel better soon and that the dragons are OK. TELL me about the vet bills. I always joked that I worked for a vet just so I could pay for the vet LOL. P.S. If it was only fertilizer they should be fine but if weed killer, watch for neurological problems.

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