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Pots Awareness Wrist Bands?

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Yeah,I was just thinking did anyone get any? Saw this today and though we could make a bigger

statement from our stamps, to bags, t shirts..


All it takes is one person at a time.

To get our message out there.

Maybe if the message is unique,but the word is the same, POTS people

will start to take notice. I think this is what I'm going to when I can afford


Thanks Kim for asking about me. I was back in yesterday, had to have two teeth pulled and I thought would die with all the chest pain after on the ride home in the bus. It was a rough night. Glad to be home


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Bella, hope you are doing better.

If anyone puts bracelets etc together I know my children would want to wear them, I have seen mixed colors - like purple and white swirled together. Maybe those who run this site could choose something to standardize things.

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We've had awareness bracelets a couple of years ago, I'll try to pull it up so you can watch what we did back then. I'm not sure if we could do this again as it takes a lot of time and effort and while some of us hold a job where others can't, we all have dysautonomia too as well as our own personal struggles. Not to mention we've just had a change in leadership which brings it's own complications (like maintaining the home pages etc.)

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I've been doing some research and found that there is more info on the bracelets we've had in the Newsletter Fall 2004. The bracelets came with a card that explained Dysautonomia (I still have one!). They were sold for both awareness and as a fund raising project as keeping up this site is quite costly! Happy reading!

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