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Mass Gen Hospital

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

Hi all!

My internist in desperation to improve the quality of my daily activity, is planning to send me to Boston to Mass Gen to finally be in the care of a ANS doctor. After the terrific work up at Mayo two years ago, I have only worked closely with my internist and he feels he needs someone close he can send me to in a crisis or to easily speak to for guidance.

The question is: how is the ANS lab and how specialized is the Neurology dept there?

any and all comments are welcome!

PS: I'm going to a family reunion in Virginia this weekend and we are leaving tonight so NOBODY is allowed to fall or climb into a potshole while I am gone!!!

I'll miss you...take care of each other, tearose

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Hi Tearose!

I have been to MAss Gen many times last year for my ANS problems..I saw the endocrine Dr;s there... But as far as I know there were not specialists...The endocrinoligsts had to do reaseasr and sent me to another hospita..he wanted me to see Dr Freeman ..forgot the hospital he is out of...

But I heard soem not so great thing sbout him ( I could be worng)

Thats when I did myu own investigatin and came across Bostom Medical.

To compare both hospitals... MAss Gen is great, but I feel not as up to date on problems not well understood... I think if you have a clear disease precess such as diabetes, etc...they would be good, but they did not understand my dysautonomia at all.

Again I could be off the mark, maybe things have changed this year...

Give me an email or a call if you like!

Have a good trip and feel well!!!!! :P

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