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3 Minutes Into The Ttt

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I titled the 3 minutes into the TTT because I know what a defining time that has been for so many of us. Although after looking at my medical records I don't think it defined me properly...

I started in a normal sinus rhythm (rare for me) BP 115/83 HR 65 pulse 100%

2 minutes BP123/83 HR 74 pulse 100%

3 minutes in sinus rhythm bigeminal PVCs some couplet PVCs BP 102/61 HR 74 pulse 42

Am I wrong or does this 3 minute mark meet the diagnostic criteria for OH or OI?

I don't have my second TTT that he diagnosed POTS with yet. I wonder how much her really knows about dyautonomia??

I know we are not doctors but I would like personal experience guidance here, what do you think?

My symptoms:

tachycardia and bradycardia from 50 to 150 almost every hour

faintness including nausea, blurred vision and dizziness

vertigo next to moving objects (the worst is in a parked car and the car next to me moves, I panic and think its my car moving)

very poor exercise intolerance (3 minutes into stress test non-sustained ventricular tachycardia)


flushed face or turning white

numbness of arms and legs

tingling, pins and needles feeling in arms and legs

cold arms and legs

blood pooling in lower legs and feet

hard time sleeping


feeling weak, as if I can't pick something up that I know I can

involuntary muscle tremors, shaking

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