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Experiences With Dr. Vernino?


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Hey guys,

Have a referral to either Dr. Vernino in Dallas or the Mayo in Rochester. Because of where I live I'm tempted to go to Dallas.

I have a local neuro that used to work in the autonomic testing labs at the Mayo back in the early days who has kept up with a lot of what is going on in POTS treatment and she is willing to treat me, but needs a battery of autonomic testing.

If I went to Dallas, it would be nice because it is close enough I could return if needed.

However, I'd really like to hear more about forum members' experiences. I'd be really grateful.

Feel free to PM me instead!

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My daughter traveled from California to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona for autonomic tests. She found it was very hard on her to travel that far so, after the testing was done, she found a specialist in California that was closer to home.

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Good to know-- my nuero used to work at Mayo back in the dark ages when they were first solidifying an autonomic lab and coining POTS. She wants me to get further testing, but doesn't have the facilities or staff to do it herself.

I'm trying to decide between the mayo in rochester and Vernino in TX.

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