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Eurostar Pressure Problems - Similar To Flying - Pressure Sentive

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I went on Eurostar as the last flight I had was awful with tachycardia and adrenaline surges.

My husband refuses to fly again until we have a solution to this or a way of dealing with it and despite talking to a numer of doctors have still had no remedy.

So we took Eurostar to Paris and I checked with the technical department about the pressurisation which they said as different to air travel.

We left St Pancras and within 5-10 mins clearly the train had pressurised and my hr climbed until it hit 155. I coped really well, there was no panic , quickly lay down , put on tights (i didn't have them on as i was not anticipating a problem and don't normally wear them ) and things were a bit erratic but settled and I recovered

So I seem to be someone who suffers from pressure changes and would love to know if anyone has found any solutions.

I have to get to Portugal in the summer for business and then would take a good holiday. It takes 3 hours to fly from the airport 10 mins away or 2 days to travel by train and i know I cannot fly until I know how to control the symptoms.

I am now on Florineff which has mostly controlled the surges but still too nervous to fly. I could try a short flight and see how I am prior to this. Or see a cardio privately but here in Newcastle some Cardio's haven't even heard of POTs so trying to find someone who knows about both hr and pots.

I know I have text about this before but the nhs seems to grind to a halt under the pressure of finding some answers.

Any comments really appreciated.

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im glad you posted this emma, i have no answers unfortunately, yet i will look forward to reading the replies.

i have put off for a year now going on the eurostar. i was due to go to the south of france last june, yet i didnt know how i would cope under the tunnel, also was poorly with pots and eds symptoms.

i asked my pots dr would it be ok to fly, his response was yes. yet i thought differently, and havent tried.

i also have problems with my lungs, breathing at times, so i was worried what the pressure would do.

good luck with the travel. x

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I've been taking the boat insteadd of plane or Eurostar on my latest trips to England. Last year, on new meds, I tried flying again but again it was very uncomfortable. I know it won't kill me but it does wear me out. My cardio suggested to wear compression hose (I no longer need them since on octreotide and paxil), abdominal binder and drink lots of fluids (you can take an empty bottle and fill after security checks). I haven't tried it yet as I'm a bit worried (we had planned a trip to London but cancelled). Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the responses.

Emma - the tunnel was fine really - I just stayed calm and on the return journey I put on hose and it made a difference.

Corina - I think i was just really unlucky on the one flight i took since having full blown pots - i had such a bad reaction and such high hr's had never happened before so i think i also felt really frightened but of course now i would have to face this fear - which i will do - but need get the pots a bit more settled.

I suppose i still think it could kill me as no-one has quite explained what my chest pain is or sorted out my svt's which bring awful chest pain for hours. So i don't feel secure with good information yet.

Which is all a real shame as i used to fly at least 6 times a year ( Englans so cold) and looking back some of those flight were a bit difficult - just didn't know why.

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