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I'm not quite sure where to start, because like many of you, my symptoms have been off and on for many years, as early as I can remember. I have yet to be diagnosed with POTS, but after having my latest flare up(extremely dizzy, along with brain fog(even remember simple words is sometimes a huge task), feeling as though I don't "remember" how to breath, limb pain and numbness, headaches, heart pounding out of my chest, trouble comprehending, light headedness and extreme fatigue...to name a few), I searched google for the millionth time and happened to come upon a website where a woman mentioned her daughter had many of these symptoms and has POTS. I looked up "POTS" and as lame as it sounds, I teared up as I read about POTS, because it describes ME. Maybe I'm NOT crazy(or just "lazy) after all, and I don't have depression like I was diagnosed in '09(no one would believe me). I was put on 10mg Lexapro in '09 for "depression", which did help me feel more normal than I had been feeling. I got pregnant and weaned off Lexapro and during the pregnancy I was completely symptom free. Just after having my son in Jan. of this year, it all came back. My husband had thought I was making all of these random symptoms up to get out of doing things around the house and such, because it seems odd how symptoms can change daily, and it almost always seems to be something going on, while some days inbetween, I feel great. Also because I didn't have a complaint during the 9 months I was pregnant. I'm guessing that would be due to the blood volume increase that pregnant women have?

Recently, I went to my dr. with all of my symptoms and they sent me right in for a brain MRI, thinking I may have had a stroke, but everything turned up fine, and they left it as that. The only thing that came back from my blood work, was elevated liver enzymes. Would POTS have anything to do with that? I go back in a month for more blood work to see where the levels are at.

Anyways, I found a local Cardiologist who is familar with POTS and have an appt. on the 9th of May. I am hoping to get to the bottom of what ever it is that is going on with me, I believe it may be POTS. Not sure what I will do if they don't find anything! Ahhh! Very frustrating.

I checked my pulse just to see where it was, and it seems to be in the normal range. 68bpm laying down(checked after 5 mins), 96bpm (immediately upon standing), and 94bpm (after standing for 5mins). Does this mean it can't be POTS?

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Welcome to the forum, although I am sorry you had to seek it out.

POTS is defined as a rise in HR from sitting to standing of 30 bpm. However, for many of us, we may not meet the definition every hour of every day or even every day/week etc. But if you can be evaluated by a specialist s/he can hopefully determine what is going on with you with a tilt table test and review of symptoms.

Yes it is true that many women w POTS feel better during pregnancy b/c of increased blood volume.

Many of us have been misdiagnosed with depression or anxiety. I was told I was depressed/anxious for months before I finally had a correct diagnosis by a specialist.

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