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Bruised veins?


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Hi everyone. About a week ago I noticed I could see a spider like web on my inner thighs and a little below the knee as well. I'm guessing I'm seeing my veins? Anyways, in the last day or two it's turned into a bruise - and is really not pretty <_< It's got me a little freaked out...... I haven't done anything differently. And I haven't done anything that would have bruised my legs like that.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Is it pots related? What could be causing this? And should I be seeing a doctor?

Any advice would be great.

Thanks, Pam

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Guest tearose

Hi Pam,

I have these spider veins exactly where you describe. They are in fact called "spider veins". It is one of those lovely signs of either aging or in my case, <_< having had several jobs where I was on my feet a lot and put more strain on my legs.

Some people go to a cosmetic surgeon to deal with them. I wear compression hose so no one sees them.

As far as the bruise, I wonder if it just is a coincidence that it happens to be there at the same time.

Do you remember if you bumped yourself lately?

I don't think it is anything seriously bad, but if you have any pain or are worried give the ol'doc a call!

take care, tearose

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I bruise extremely easily. Sometimes I can bruise and not even bump into anything. My bruises also take a while to completely heal. I've pointed this out to my docs many times and they don't seem to worry about it. I have a few spider veins too. My veins are just very fragile and I remember a previous post that talks about how many of us bruise easily. I don't think it's POTs related necessarily, but I know that people with CFS and fibro and other immune problems seem to bruise easier than others. Like Tearose suggested though, if it's really bothersome have a doc check it out to ease your mind. <_<

(blood thinner meds, Aspirin and high doses of Vit. E or a deficiency in vitamin K can all contribute to bruising)

Hope this helps.


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I also bruise oddly. I often have bruises over spider viening, sometimes with pain in the area before bruising. I was told that I show no sign of blood clots and therefore should not worry. I bruise easily and frequently for little or no reason. Of course, once in a while I'll really wack something and never seem to bruise, go figure.

I have also been told that I have abnormally small blood vessels and they are weaker than most. I'm a "tough stick" for both IV's and blood draws. I often have the IV lines used on kids and my blood work is usually done with a "butterfly" needle.

Check your diet and vitamins for the stuff already suggested and make the changes needed. I do know that vitamins C, D, and minerals like iron and magniesium are all reconmended.


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Have you been checked for vasculitis? That can happen with that but saying that I bruise extremely easily and lately more than usual. Had a accupuncture needle cause a bruise the size of a plum(having trouble figuring out a size to say :P ) :lol: I also have spider veins and broken blood vessels in my face so it maybe a part of POTS. But maybe something to ask your doctor to check into the vasculitis I mean.

Stacey :-)

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Thanks for all the replies :lol: I think I'll watch it for a few days and see if it gets any worse.....if so maybe I will have it checked by a doctor just in case. What is the technical name for vein doctors? I'm not even sure I know what vasculitis is, so I'll definitely look into that. And spider veins - yikes - does this mean I really am getting old :P I swear by my vitamins so I imagine I must be okay in that area, unless I'm not properly absorbing them..... I also occasionally end up with weird bruises that I have no idea how I've gotten. This one is just unusually large and my bruises don't usually have a vein-like pattern.

Thanks again you guys!


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