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Help...unequal Pupils!!

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It is a little scary, isn't it? I have autoimmune mediated autonomic dysfunction neuropathy- but when Rama said gangliopathy I remember that being brought up as well as the cerebral hypoperfusion. I can't look at my records right this second- but i will look at home-so I'm not sure if they tested me or DXed me with either.

My pupils are almost always dilated as well. My left pupil is about 20% bigger according to my Mayo neuro. All 4 of my kids have chronically dilated pupils. (ages 15, 13, 11 and 9). I have not noticed them being unequal in size. I have a lot of blurry vision, always am seeing spots or dots in front of me. In the last 2-3 weeks my double vision has increased so horribly that I cannot read pages from paper anymore- cant text without making tons of mistakes and it looks like I'm holding 2 phones. I'm on my iPad now and its the same way, I have 2 instead of one :). I know I make so many errors in my typing but I don't see or catch it anymore like I used. My neuro said I need to see an eye doctor which I guess I need to do but seems like a waste of time.

Interestingly enough last year I had CT scan of my brain and my Communicating Artery (think I'm missing a word there, but an artery in my brain) on my left side was described as dimunitive and very, very small compared to my others. When I went online everything I found said this is one thing you look for when you find an unequal pupil. Now that I know I have EDS I'm wondering if this changes anything- given my grandmother, her father, and his brother (grandma's uncle) all 3 died instantly, within seconds, of aneurysms. I mentioned it to my Neurologist and said I was making something out of nothing and there is nothing to worry about. The BIG question?? Do I listen or NOT?

I feel for you Kimbell- the vision problems are so distracting, I don't know what annoys me the most... Either the floating objects/stars etc always "there' or the double vision,.. And the blurriness has really increased too... So it is all annoying- I just want to know if it's dangerous?????

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Now that you mention it, Jen, my double vision has gotten worse, too!! When I am reading, it is especially hard. I also have a binocular defect (my eyes aren't aligned properly after a virus 14 years ago, when all this began); I just went to the eye doctor and prayed that I would get the best prescription that I could, which unfortunately still isn't good all the time. I have transient vision...for lack of a better term...the blurriness comes and goes, and I do believe it is circulatory after experimenting a bit the other day. I kept moving my neck in different positions, and when I cocked my neck in a funny way, my vision was no better in my right eye with or without my glasses...sigh :unsure: . I also have floaters. I am concerned with aneurysm and stroke, because of family history, but I just had an MRI/MRA less than a year ago. I think I will request a Spect scan or a functional MRI the next time. Thank you for the artery idea...I'm doing more research. I think we need a Neuro Opthamologist in order to get to the bottom of this, to be honest. I think that's what I am going to do when I get my appointment with my neurologist. My dad had his aneursym when he was 59. I have 4 years to figure this out!! Miraculously, he lived 12 more years and died of a massive stroke...only the good Lord knows the number of our days....I'll say a prayer for us all!!

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