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How do you manage the work load? I'm having some trouble. I have four homebound schooling teachers who come for two and a half hours a week each. Since they aren't here for that long they give me hours and hours of homework. Again I run in to the problem of people not understanding. I can't do all the work by the due dates they give me, exercise, do my chores etc. Some days I can't do anything. We can't break up the two and a half hour periods because a parent has to be there. My parents have jobs and there are three other kids, so finding that time is so difficult. I guess I don't expect them to give me less work since I need to get caught up, I just need tips on handling it. Thanks for any ideas!

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My sons homebound teacher cut out any 'busy' work and mainly focuses on testing the material. For Algebra II, they do practice work together so she can help him with what he doesn't understand, but then he only has tests that make up his grade.

He has 3 homebound classes and 3 on line classes. The on line classes are also basically reading the material and taking quizzes and tests. There isn't really any homework other than reading and learning the material to be able to take a test over it. It took him a while to get a routine, but he really makes use of the sylabus(sp?) and tries to get ahead when possible.

We had his IEP update meeting yesterday and the school is again approving 'Extended Year Services'(summer school) in order to finish what is not done at the end of the school year.

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