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Blood Tests


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After my last appt with my neuro she wanted to have some blood tests done. They took 8 vials. I'm not exactly sure what she was testing for. I got a call from her office today to make an appt to discuss the results. Keep in mind its an hour and a half drive one way. Her nurse wouldn't tell me anything over the phone which makes me worry. This was my first appt with her. What kind of things do they test for right away that would warrant a long drive for results?

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If it helps, the nurse usually can't tell you anything over the phone (various legal reasons from what I recall) - so the doctor has to tell you herself. Mine actually emails me, which from what I know is kind of out there; she's called me a few times. My guess is that the neuro was drawing tests to exclude some issues or give her some idea of how you're doing so she can figure out exactly how to treat you. We're all different, and everyone here seems to be on different drug/exercise/other regimens for different reasons - I'm guessing she just wanted to get some info and wants to talk with you in person about treatment, etc. Best of luck!

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