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Pots And Blood Clotting

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Hi Everyone...

Have a question. I have had Sjogrens syndrome and lupus for years. I was just diagnosed with POTS. I was wondering if anyone with POTS has strange vascular blood clots on their body? Elbow, fingers... They are usually small and harmless and dissolve in a day or two. Im wondering if this is my lupus acting up?



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I get small blood clots on the interior of my fingers/palms that go away in a couple of days. Is that a sign of lupus?

Be well, sweetie.


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I bruise rather easily; it could be caused by blood pooling that we sometimes get with dysautonomia. I've had petechiae before and there are many causes, one of which is Lupus, but it can be caused by some poor clotting mechanism within your blood, mostly...some other autoimmune disorders, thrombocytopenia, leukemias, chemotherapeutic agents, and other medications can also be the cause. Since you have Lupus, I would venture to say, that is probably the reason for you, but I would talk with your doctor about it to be on the safe side.

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