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Docs Want To Send Me To Vanderbilt. Really?


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Hi, everyone. If you haven't read my other postings, I'm back in the hospital with eating problems. The hospital docs think autonomic dysfunction is causing the symptoms, so they've put me on a clonidine patch to hopefully help with symptoms (not yet it hasn't) until they can get me into Vanderbilt. They think that's the best place for me to go.

Questions. How long is the wait, usually? They said here it could be as long as a year.

You who have gone: Did you find it helpful? Were the doctors friendly? Are you better for having gone? Would you recommend Vanderbilt?

Thanks. I've read some of your postings about Vanderbilt, but I wanted to ask.


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Hey. I am so sorry to hear that you are in the hospital that is no fun :( I was admitted last time as well for eating problems. What kind of eating problems are you having (just curious), mine was trouble swallowing and nausea which lead to me not being able to eat. I am sorry I have no advice on vanderbelt but i thought i comment anyways because i can relate with the eating problems. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Best of luck.


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