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Orthostatic Hypotention / Neurocardiogenic Syncope

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I was diagnosed by my neurologist with orthostatic hypotention a few years ago.

She told me I cant cure it but I can control it. So every day i have salt on everything and my blood pressure is alot better most of the time. BUT I still have neurocardiogenic syncope in stressful situations , and whilst in shop lines.

So , is it possible to have normal blood pressure but still have neurocardiogenic syncope ?

Also , my pulse jumps up when I stand up .... this morning it jumped up 26 beats from sitting to standing. I am aware this is not POTS , but could it be why i feel a tremor alot when standing ?

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You can have a normal blood pressure most of the time and then have a sudden dip in your BP that will cause syncope. That is one of the reasons they often conduct TTT for a full 45 mins. You may be fine for 44 of the 45 mins and then have a sudden drop in pressure.

While 26 beats doesn't technically qualify as POTS, it could be making you feel bad. I feel like each of us is different. I am not "technically" hypoglycemic by laboratory standards, but, if my sugar gets down near 70 I feel awful and have to eat. SO, why can't you feel awful at a 26 beat increase vs. a 30 beat increase? That's my theory anyway...

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I agree with Katybug, a few beats short ofteh official dx criteria doesn't mean you don't feel the effects. And I'm the same way with the hypoglycemia! I think I feel the crash, even if my blood sugar is too high for official hypoglycemia :)

Mirry, are you on any meds/treatments besides salt?


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I am actually taking Nutri adrenal Extra (as advised by Dr Peatfield), and this is what has raised my blood pressure :)

It used to be really low , 70s/50s but now its in normal range. Yet I still feel symptomatic which is puzzling me.

Shops are my trigger , if I join a que .... my heart goes so fast its unbelievable , this happens for about 15 seconds and then I feel it stop in my chest and I go faint (or actually faint). Or sometimes I get a sudden hard THUMP in my chest and nearly faint and then loose my balance and cant walk for an hour.... leaves me feeling drunk. I also feel jittery.

The doctors always told me it was anxiety but my nurologist said I have orthostatic hypotention and it will cause these symptoms.

somedays are better than others , sometimes I am walking down the street and my heart does weird beats and I stagger and feel suddenly really drunk and sweat and shake. My neurologist gave me a 5 day heart monitor but It found nothing ...... but it was a good patch for me ?

After visiting my doctor 2 months ago , I had to stand in line to book in and had a episode , and then the doctor called to see me and said to me .... you look a bit flustered , so I explained what had just happened and he said enough is enough and he is referring me to Professor Mathias In London. I am still awaiting an appointment. I think I am worried I am waisting his time ,,, I just dont know what to think. It all started 10 years ago and I remember then a doctor saying to me ..... how strange , when you stood up your heart rate nearly doubled..... so wondering if I have improved since then ?

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