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Chlorophyll.... Anyone???


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Has anyone tried it, used it, good, bad? I remembered it from an old book my mother bought when my children where born, that had hollistic, conventional, bach flower remedies, herbal remedies, etc... i remember reading about chorophyll and how it could build up the blood, and many other things.

Just wandering if anyone has tried it, thoughts on it??


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Hi there

I have used it in the past. I used Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll. I took it everyday but especially when I felt a toxic burden. My son used to call it swamp water but it tasted fine. More importantly, it made me feel better. I used it as a blood purifier but it does other things. I can't say that it helped my POTS symptoms directly - just overall felt better. Less nausea.

It's has been some years since I took it regularly. I have been craving it a bit but I am not as toxic as I used to be now that I have changed my diet.


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