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Depends on the day for me. In general, I tend to have more dramatic drops in BP on the TTT but my HR is probably higher with standing than it's ever been on TTT. However, most of my TTT have been done on meds and frequently they were done in the afternoon when I'm generally less symptomatic.

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I've only had one ttt, but most symptoms were definitely worse. I felt worse than I ever have. Nauseous and upset and sweaty, and all I wanted to do was either punch someone or just cry. I had all but passed out less than 15 minutes into the tilt. But I'd never passed out before (or since) in my life.

My hr went from 90-145. That's the only thing that wasn't necessarily worse; off meds, my hr usually jumps a bit higher. But I never feel so bad, physically, even when it does.

I think it's a combination of standing still and the fact that some of your weight is supported by the table. You're not engaging the muscles in your legs as much as you would be if you were even just standing still, upright - and your muscle contractions play a big role in squeezing the blood back up to your heart.

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