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Back At Mayo For Testing


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Well, I'm back at Mayo to begin my week of testing/appts. with my Mixed Meal Test in the morning to see what my blood sugar and insulin do. I am strongly hoping that it does what it always does at home----sugar drop and insulin rise.

Then I see a neuro and a cardio. From there, I don't know. I've had all the testing done thoroughly, so there really shouldn't be much actual testing, just more of a consult-type appointment, I think. Oh well, I'll find out.

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Keep us posted! Hope the tests give them some info that helps you get some answers.

Are you seeing a neuro-endocrinologist there?

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Best of luck Sue, I hope you'll get the answers you need. You've worked so hard to get where you are now. I'm very interested in the results of your MMT as I have the sugar drop issues as well. Enjoy your perfect time at the beach!

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Hey all. I did my MMT. I can see the results, but I am not scheduled to meet with the endo for a whole week. For those that have been to Mayo, if there is anything pertinent, will they call you up to schedule more tests or the doctor meet with you earlier than the scheduled time? I hate to sit here all week and next Friday find out the endo wants more tests! I meet with the other docs tomorrow regarding the POTS.

Well, I had the 6-hour test. I will give a synopsis of results, instead of every one. I had labs drawn every 30 minutes of 4 things: glucose, insulin, c-peptide and glucagon (the glucagon results are not in yet). Basically it was:


glucose 88 (70-110)

insulin 4.9 (2.4 - 24)

c-peptide 2.1 (1.1 - 4.5)

at 1 1/2 hours :

glucose 179

insulin 171.9

c-peptide 21.3

at 3 hours:

glucose 58

insulin 14.1

c-peptide 7.4

By the end I came back up to 82. I spent almost 2 hours in the 60s and 50s, which technically is hypoglycemia. I seem to easily put out alot of insulin the few times I've had it tested. From what reading I've done, c-peptide usually doesn't go much over 4.5 after meals, but I easily went up on that one, too. I think c-peptide is made alongside insulin.

So, I had almost the exact same levels of glucose and insulin compared to an OGTT done 5 years ago. Of course, it was straight glucose and this was a mixture of carbs, fats and protein. So, I seem to respond the same no matter. I could control everything I guess if I just consumed protein, but that's not practical.

I did notice I had more mental energy when my glucose went up. I normally don't eat hardly any sugar and try and pair what carbs I do eat with protein.

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I am really interested to hear what the Mayo docs say about your testing. Proinsulin and c-peptide are cleaved from insulin. Any idea what your insulin was at the same time your glucose was at it's lowerst? If one of the insulins )proinsulin, c-peptide or insulin) was elevated during a glucose of 50, you'd have your test for insulinoma.

Best Wishes,


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Hi Sue,

Florida sounds so nice right now. Enjoy that ocean. When I went to Mayo I explained to them that I couldn't stay all week and they did their best to get all of my tests in three days but told me that I might have to stay for another week. They told me they wouldn't know how long I had to stay until all the tests were in. Good luck and hope and pray you get some answers.

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Doozly, the lowest glucose I had was 57 with an insulin of 11.7. I was sooo close, but I bet they won't think 57 is low enough. But,, yea, I had read that with an insulinoma, any insulin above a 3 is diagnostic. And I guess with the high c-peptide, that just confirms that I make alot of proinsulin. I wish they would have tested that, but they didn't.

Thanks Maysia, I'm hoping they'll get it all done in a few days and not drag it out.

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