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Cymbalta Question

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I just have a question. I have been experiencing a lot of nerve pain in the head and neck and the doctor has prescribed my cymbalta. I am willing to try it but it is a name brand drug and rather pricey so I do not want to try it if it is not going to work. Has anyone been proscribed or tried this and what is your opinion on it?

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Dont know about its effect on nerve pain but I was on it for awhile and personally speaking it was an absolute nightmare to get off!

Not sure were the symptoms i got while on it side effects from the cymbalta itself or POTS related....tremors, muscle spasm, twitching, pins & needles. etc etc etc!

Ive done my fair share of going on/coming down off SSRI's over the last 10yrs and this was by far the most difficult. Just something to be aware of before you start...but as we often see on here these things can be very individual too.

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It's a nightmare to withdraw from (did it twice), but for me it was a godsend in terms of dealing with chronic pain from joint issues. I swear, the first week I actually could move my hands without pain (haven't been able to since about age 15, mid-20s now). But, unfortunately, it did two nasty things for me - first, it appears to have triggered permanent sympathetic overdrive (hyperPOTS, roughly), and second, I get serious muscle tension from norepinephrine reuptake, and it locked my jaw up really badly. Hence I can't take it any more. But if I could do something (non-addictive, muscle relaxants are addictive for most folks in the long term) I would take it back in a heartbeat.

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