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Update On Surgery 4 Weeks Post-Op


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Hello All,

So I'm 4 weeks post-op from a hysterectomy (complete, 1 ovary intact) and have been suprised on how well I have done.I did have to suffer through, most of the recovery pain besides using motrin due to morphine allergy:( but I got through it!!! My POTS has so far been alot better I still have the increase in H/R while standing my B/P has been more so normal, overall I am so much better and even appear healthier:)

So to the ladies that always posted about feeling worse around menses I can say I have had 2 cycles ***my working ovary****and I still have PMS symptoms,chest pains, and fatigue but its about 50% of what it was.And all the other days of the month have been wonderful, I'm still in the early stages of recovery so hopefully it just gets better and better.

Surgery went well no complications doctors were fully aware of the meds to use to not cause any unstablity with POTS and I was impressed.

Just trying to now figure a way to stay active while recovering to prevent any setbacks or become deconditioned.



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I'm glad things are going so well. Just a sidenote....Motrin is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID), and as far as I remember, they can help POTS patients feel better - less POTSY, but I don't remember why?! But, staying on them long-term can cause problems so it is not recommended....but may you continue to have an uneventful recovery. Be well.

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