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Rabies Vaccine In Your History?


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I was reading around Pubmed, and I ran into some articles about the rabies virus going straight to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (and it gets pretty detailed, of which I don't comprehend).


Anyway...in 1972 while living in Thailand as a child, I got lightly bit by our American neighbor's dog. I had to get the 5-day set of rabies vaccinations.

And, here I am 40 years later with what appears to be a problem with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Hmmmm. Anyone else have to have the rabies vaccine?

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YES!!! I had rabies vaccine in 1964. I have always thought that it contributes to my abnormal immune responses and mention it at my Dr appts, but no one pays any attention. The vaccine that was being used then was one called "Semple rabies vaccine". We quit using this in the US and the vaccine was shipped to India where there have been lots of papers written about neurological and autoimmune disorders it can cause, some 20yrs after vaccination.

I will always feel it is a big part of why I am so sick today. BUT that was all that was available at the time and it did save my life.

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