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Weird Issues?

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So I have been feeling pretty crappy lately, but I also just started beta blockers on Friday, so I was attributing a lot of it to that...

Well yesterday I woke up with my neck all swollen and sore, and found that my glands in my neck were very tender and inflamed.

So I made a Drs appointment at my PCP, but hes on vacation, so I got to see another Dr. at his practice.

He walked in, said "Well aren't you certainly a complicated case" and "The medications you are on sober up a lot of us doctors and pharmacists"...

Anyway, he noticed for sure that my neck is swollen, more on the right, but on both sides. No fever, no signs of obvious infection, so he's running some blood panels.

Kinda confused with what might be going on...


Horrible headaches, neck pain

Low left back pain, comes in waves

nausea, stomach issues, bowel issues

weight loss, 4lbs unexpectedly

night sweats

cold all the time


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Like I've said before, we should just all have our own diagnosis code of "weird". LOL :D

Glad you got in and seen. Hope he figures out something. With the swollen neck and glands and waves of back pain...those I don't think are related to dysautonomia (in my experience anyway), but all the other symptoms you're talking about I've had related to this crazy "disease". But those symptoms are so common and generalized that they are common with a lot of different things. The unique things would be the swelling etc so glad he's checking you out.

Let us know what you find out.

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