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Doctors In Florida?


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Hello all,

Am new to this forum, and it's been a wealth of information. Thank you!

Was diagnosed with POTS in 2011 and am looking for a doctor in central Florida. Is anyone else in the Orlando area, and what doctor do you see?

So frustrating trying to find a single doctor who knows about this condition!



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Hi Kit, welcome to the forum! As I'm not from the US, I can't really help you other than ask if you've checked the Physician's list (you can find the list at the main website at the left). Hope others will chime in to help you find a good doctor!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I do know about these doctors. (They are the only two known docs who specialize in treating dysautonomia in Florida.)

I had to go out of town to get diagnosed with POTS, and I'm hoping to find a doctor here in Orlando who can help manage symptoms. Am determined. It's a big town, and am hoping to find someone who does not 'advertise' that they know something about it.

Sigh...I know everyone wants that.

Thank you for your input!

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