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Video:cfs & The Viral Connection-Dr. Anthony Komaroff Of Harvard

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I posted this video not because for CFS info or Viral connection but because the research in this video is fascinating. Because some people with dysautonomia have CFS as well I thought this research might interest you. I believe the research in here explain a lot of my own symptoms.

As i get more test and I watch these video I'm seeing some of my test results show up. For example my CD8 T cell test was high and no one made anything of it, but in this video there is a connection. My IgG is low which is where the immune connection is. Then my most recent test showed metabolism abnormalities and the doctor mentions that here too..

What do you think?

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I cant think of any other viral infection that has a 80% to 20% female to male patient ratio...

If you want to see some good work on CFS examine the cerebral lactate work, the spinal fluid work and anything by Nancy Klimas.

Because my exercise test showed some metabolic abnormalities I'm starting to look things like lactate. I have an appt with a Neuro at the end of the month who specializes in ALS but also complex neuro muscular issue. Hope he does a muscle biop and I get some answers..

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