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What Helps To Increase Blood Pressure?

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thanks, i do try to drink 3 liters a day but it usually is more like 2 and my salt i try to get anywhere from 4-8 grams of salt. i tried florinef and it did not work for me at all. i have not tried compression stockings yet but i have been meaning to. my bp is just low today and makes me feel so bad cant even get out of bed. another question? i feel like i am not getting enough oxygen, do many of you have an oxgygen sensor at home to check? also is it just me feeling like i am not getting enough oxygen or do pots patients have low oxygen levels too?

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i didn't admit it for awhile, but compression stockings are amazing!! I have been wearing them on and off for a couple of years (30-40mm). Now that my thyroid is stabilizing a bit, I have been wearing them a little less and just got a pair with lower compression because I have been getting some high BP readings. They really gave me much more energy, comfortable standing time, and less fatigue.

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